Summer Internship Opportunities

Summer Internship Program – 2010


  • Hands-on experience in an entrepreneurial business environment in the youth fitness industry.
  • Work closely with the management team on a variety of projects including program development and launching, event planning, marketing techniques, business development, and social media strategies.
  • Opportunity to develop professionally in an environment that encourages new ideas, entrepreneurs, innovative ways of thinking and an enthusiasm to learn


O2 MAX is a youth fitness company with a home base in Santa Monica, CA. Our mission and goal is to engage the youth population locally and nationally in order to educate kids about healthy eating, the importance of exercising, and how to integrating both into a well-rounded lifestyle.

We have branded ourselves as the “go to” company for anything regarding youth fitness. We specialize in online fitness programming for high school and college-aged students.  We also have a Family Fitness program that allows families to work out together. We seek to motivate today’s youth through non-traditional methods: we combine social media, internet communication, and real-world interaction.

Additionally, O2 MAX is heavily involved in the community: we offer fitness classes at many of the local schools, nutrition and fitness workshops, and puts on two large events in Santa Monica yearly (Tour de Fitness and Energy Rocks).


Business Development and Operations:

o      Brainstorm and implement new strategies and avenues to expand O2 MAX as a business

o      Develop and cultivate new partnerships with O2 MAX

o      Account management with clients, vendors and existing partnerships

o      Online e-commerce store –implement strategy to help grow revenue

o      Assist in streamlining all operations and procedures at O2 MAX


o      Effectively implement O2 MAX’s Marketing & PR strategy

o      Brainstorm new innovative ways to promote O2 MAX and its several programs and services (i.e. guerrilla marketing strategies, street marketing, event planning, etc)

o      Work with existing marketing team to refine and perfect existing marketing strategies

Website and Technology

o      Maintain and improve existing WebPages and social media pages

o      Assist in fitness programming process

o      Research new ways for us to improve our companies internet profile as a whole

o      Work on web design and graphic design projects


o      Using digital video, audio podcasting, social and online media, our goal is to strengthen our stand against obesity in our youth and increase family fitness on a global scale.

o      Our current projects include the development of a fitness/exercise video library and production of live streaming web shows. Additionally, we have just begun pre-production on audio podcasts for distribution in iTunes and via our website.

We are looking for a progressive, creative film student to help us capture our message through storytelling in short bursts. Our demographic is young people and their parents. We need to reach them in bits and pieces. We produce live video streaming shows like: “Ask the Trainer” which we will turn in to video podcasts to be distributed after broadcast and distributed via iTunes.


– Capture and editing of O2 Max video and audio productions
– Transcribing audio in to show notes for each episode
-Editing assets uploading them to our website, iTunes and other online channels (YouTube, Facebook)
– Collaborate on projects, providing input for stories, storyboarding and creating a look and feel for O2 Max
– Other responsibilities as agreed upon with the staff


– Demonstrated understanding of editing process for audio and video, including familiarity with web-friendly file types and conversion
– Demonstrated proficiency using a Mac computer
– Demonstrated interest in fitness and web media
– Demonstrated ability to work with aggressive deadlines in a fast-paced environment
– Basic but demonstrated experience using various sound and video media types
– Proven ability to learn about web technologies, processes, and protocols
– Proven ability to work in a team environment
– Strong organizational skills
– Strong desire to learn iMovie and FinalCut Studio video editing software

If interested in summer internship message for an application and submit your resume. We are seeking interns who are willing to come into our studio in Santa Monica at least 2 times a week (flexible hours), however, we will accept applicants who are not local and will be evaluated based on merit.

MAX Results

Starting February 1, 2010, some of the members of O2 Max began working hard to reach their fitness goals, both long-term, and short-term.  We set up a Boxing work-out and a work-out targeting large muscle groups.  After working on the treadmill and bike for cardiovascular activity, the kids really enjoyed boxing as a GREAT substitute for burning off some calories and getting their heart rates up.  The exercises shown below were done in a circuit; so after 2 minutes of doing an exercise, the kids would have 30 seconds to get to the other exercise station and have a minute to rest before starting again with the new exercise.  Resting in-between sets is extremely important because it allows your body to restore its lost Creatine Phosphate/ATP; Phosphagen.  This allows the muscles to refuel for the next set allowing for growth.  Whatever your fitness goal is, how much rest you will take in-between sets will be different.  Here are the exercises are done on the circuit:

1) Warm up with 10 mins of your cardio choice.
A. Boxing, jabs while running in place
B. Cable Rows for a minute
C. 10 push-ups then 15 yoga ball crunches, then repeat for a minute
D. Squats with medicine ball throw

A’. Jump Rope with various jumping, 2 hops on one leg then 2 on the other/side jump
B’. Barbell squat
C’. Shoulder Press
D’. Dips

Finish with stretching for 5 mins.

All of this was accomplished in 1 hour, which is plenty of time to work-out and produce results.  Many people believe that it takes a couple hours to the gym to see results which aren’t true!  When you go to the gym, come prepared knowing what exercise, weights, and machines you are needing to use so you don’t waste time roaming around the gym taking away time from your work-out.