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0 9 Questions for a Life-Long Fit Pro

Staying in touch with your fit side throughout life seems like a pretty easy thing to do…until life starts happening.…

Abi Walker

About Abi Walker

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Instagram: sk8rqt

Favorite Fitness Motivation Quote

“Fitness is like marriage. If you cheat on it, it’s not going to work.”

Pre Workout Tip

Before exercising, make sure to eat an amount to sustain your work out without weighing you down. I suggest healthy carbohydrates for quick energy. My pre-workout snack is an apple with cheese.

Post Workout Tip

After exercising, I suggest lean protein to rebuild muscles after a workout. My post-workout snack of choice is a greek yogurt with some berries or dried fruit mixed in.

Ultimate “Cheat” Meal

Cheese pizza with a compliment of an oreo milkshake. I love to eat cleanly, but I can’t resist pizza or an oreo milkshake!

Advice for Students Looking to Incorporate Fitness into Their Busy Lives

Fitness should not be a chore. If it is thought of as a burden, it will be that much harder to keep committed to. Make the choice to lead a fit life. At first, it will be different, but the lifestyle will come naturally after a while.

Campus Fit Experts
0 Competitive Much?

We’ve all found ourselves scrolling through Facebook and stopping on the occasional personality quiz. ‘Which Beyonce Song Matches Your Zodiac…

Chelsea Jackle

About Chelsea Jackle

Chelsea Jackle is a senior at Western Michigan University, where she is double-majoring in Exercise Science and Dietetics. She is also a certified personal trainer and a group exercise instructor. She is passionate about helping her clients to live active lives and reach their goals. Outside of work, Chelsea loves to Crossfit and cook!

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