Olympic Athletes use Laser Hair Removal to Excel {O2 Max Fitness Presents}

Have you ever taken time to look at athletes during the Olympics, and noticed how smooth their bodies usually are? Maybe you are usually so much into the game that you never noticed it, but now that we’ve mentioned it, it’s time for you to do your share of observation as we’ve already done ours. Most athletes, especially swimmers, tennis players, and volleyballers often have a hair free body. Studies now show that their smooth hair free bodies are as a result of laser hair removal. And that is why at O2 Max Fitness, we highly encourage it and not only that we suggest that you do use the invented technology like the best at home laser hair removal machines.

But why laser and not waxing or any other methods, and just how is this procedure helping them excel? Below is the answer to that and more.

A hair-free body boosts better performance

According to a study published in the journal of medicine and science in sports and exercise, a hair free body helps a runner save approximately 5.7 seconds while in a marathon. The study goes on to show that swimmers are also able to swim even faster while hair free due to reduced friction, while cyclists are able to swiftly cut through the wind during a race when they have a smooth hairless body. Given the difference that even a single second can make in sports like swimming, running and cycling among many others, most athletes choose to take the laser hair removal procedure path, as it is the only method that guarantees them permanent hair loss hence enabling them to save more than the 5.7 seconds mentioned earlier.

Improves focus

The mind plays a monumental role in our ability to carry out tasks efficiently. That means, if an athlete is worried about hair issues, then they are more likely to perform poorly. In respect to that, the last thing that an athlete wants to worry about while on the track is their appearance, and most especially the presence of hair. LHR offers total hair removal, and as a result, once an athlete completes their procedure, they are sure that they don’t have to worry about hair on the wrong places. This means that they are now able to direct their full focus on the sport at hand, hence increasing their chances of winning and excelling in their career.

Olympic regulations

Sports like swimming, track, tennis, and many others often have stringent rules and regulations which might easily cause a player to be disqualified. So besides better performance, some sports require the athlete to be completely hairless on certain parts of the body. For instance, volleyballers, runners, gymnasts, swimmers and tennis players among many others often have very tiny uniforms. This often leaves most of their skin exposed, and as a result, they are required to be well groomed, which basically means they should not be hairy.  Again, LHR is the only way for them to be completely hair free for a long time.

Laser hair removal offers athletes a smoother feeling

When one is used to being hair free, even the slightest hair growth can cause great discomfort. Undergoing laser hair removal procedures help create a smoother feeling. Laser hair removal often targets body hairs at the follicles, meaning that it completely removes the stubborn hair.  On the other hand, other procedures, such as waxing often leave ingrown hairs and cause bumps. That means that even when one undergoes them, the smooth effect will still not be there, as one can still feel the bumps when they run their hands over their skin. In addition, other procedures cause redness; for instance, shaving causes razor bumps. All these factors do not create the desired effect, but laser hair removal does, which again is another reason that most Olympic athletes choose it over and over again.

LHR offers comfort and boosts confidence

Having a hair free body enables an athlete to go about their sporting activities comfortably knowing that no part of their body will be under scrutiny from the media due to being too hairy. This helps boost their ability to play better and increases their odds at winning. Laser hair removal being the only way that they can be completely hairless, most Olympics athletes choose this procedure over the others as it enables them to focus on the game at hand, thereby helping them excel. Additionally, even the procedure itself, offers superior comfort, as laser hair removal machines have an inbuilt cooling system to offer relief to first-timers, and is less painful in comparison to the other hair removal procedures.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, laser hair removal procedure is growing in popularity with each day, thanks to its long lasting results. It is now a common practice among athletes thanks to its long-lasting results and precision. Also, the fact that the procedure only takes a short time and can even be done at home is another reason why most of them embrace it, as they only have to break away from practice and preparation for only a short while. This means that they are able to dedicate most of their time on their given sport, giving them a chance to excel.

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