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MAXbox Finals Survival Kit

Everything you need to get through through finals, the healthy way!  Mini Workouts + Healthy Snacks + Immune Boosters = Finals Survival Kit FOOD: Our MAXbox Finals Survival Kit includes essential items like snacks and easy recipes that keep you full, fit, energized and healthy through the winter months. With these items and access to our trainer network, you can be successful both in and outside of the classroom. Satisfy your sweet and salty cravings the healthy way with O2 MAX Fitness munchies and snacks. FITNESS: The MAXbox Finals Survival Kit is designed to keep your immune system strong and thriving during the stressful weeks through the holiday season. The workouts are designed to help you maintain your fitness level when exercise time is tough to find, late night eating is on the rise and sleep is at a minimum. Our workouts, foods tips and articles will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle when the odds are against you! $50 Buy MAXbox What you get:
  • Workouts – 30 EZ to do workouts emailed to you that can be saved to your phone for quick access or printed to fit in your pocket. Chose from cardio quickie, stretch core/yoga or gym) and location.
  • Food Guides – Winter Survival Menu, Recipes & Snacks: (memory boosting, stress reduction, energy enhancers, breakfast basics, Salty, Crunchy, Comfort, midnight munchies)
  • Resistance Band – (Fits in your bag; perfect for stretching & strength exercises)
  • Immune support – (Greens, Reds, Emergen-C, Yogi Tea)
  • Relaxation & comfort Items – fuzzy socks, lip balm
  • Breakfast & Snacks – Cereal, Oatmeal, Pop Chips, Dark Chocolate
  • Pre & Post Workout Items – bars, electrolyte powder
The Finals Survival Kit and the whole idea behind O2MAX has been fueled by feedback over the years from people JUST LIKE YOU, so we know you’ll love it! Our customers continually help us shape our programs and products to make them relevant to your lifestyle. Budgets are tight, and we keep this in mind without compromising quality. “This time my physical activities were different. I found myself working out daily and for PLEASURE! It still blows my mind. I am the type of person that loves entertainment and working out for pleasure has never attracted me because it seems too repetitive and boring.” Carole P.Los Angeles, CA
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MAXbox Feedback Sarah Wegescheide “Max U is not just about losing weight and looking good, but creating a healthy lifestyle that can be valuable in the years to come. From series of exams, to social events, to discovering your independence for the first time, the college environment presents the most challenges for someone trying to stay healthy and/or become fit. MAX U has helped me cope with such drastic changes, while keeping me energized, confident, and ready to perform my best. Just as college prepares students for the “real” world as independent adults, MAX U has fostered a new personal responsibility for my own health and wellness. I am in control of my future, and it’s up to me to decide how to take care of myself. Through the program, I have come to realize that it’s not about the number on the scale, but about taking care of yourself and realizing you’re own happiness, whether it’s through weight loss, healthy eating, or being able to run that dreaded 5K. MAX U may not be some “state-of-the-art” app or “magic weight loss solution,” but through the support of fellow teens and young adults, one can’t help but be motivated to stay svelte and fit! The open flow of ideas, tips, and tricks helps to inspire my own approach to physical fitness, introducing me to new exercises and quick meal ideas, while keeping me accountable. With the use of social media, texting, and email, there is always someone pushing me into the gym instead of allowing me to pop open a bag of chips. I can have my workouts and inspirations on the go, wherever, whenever, and, in college, that is an invaluable thing to have. When I first joined the MAX U program, paper workouts were so easy to lose or forget, but with emails and text updates, I could view my workouts on my phone, which I always bring to the gym anyway. The plethora of outlets made it nearly impossible for me to find an excuse to slack off for a day. The updates were my constant reminders.”