Family Fitness f2

$50 annual membership

Calling all parents!

The Family Fitness (F2) program is a year-long membership that gives families access to exciting monthly weekend events sponsored by local businesses. Join today, workout together tomorrow, develop positive habits that last a lifetime.

Youth obesity rates are climbing every year. There is a lot of talk about it, but not much effort is being put towards preventing it.

Our mission at O2 MAX fitness is to redefine fitness for youth by empowering them to embrace exercise, nutrition, and healthy living, and we do this by offering a diverse line of programming that pioneers the integration of educational, social and recreational elements. It has been said that people become who they are going to be by age 6. We want the future to be a healthier one. F2 is a way for parents to instill the fundamentals of healthier living in their children, by providing a family-friendly environment with fun events for parents and their kids.

More about how F2 works…

F2 is a yearlong membership, which includes events every month sponsored by local businesses. O2 MAX provides dynamic and interesting events that showcase businesses while exposing families and kids to as many different types of activities as possible to help get them moving.

F2 members get:
• A network of active parents
• Monthly workouts
• Sponsor discounts
• Social events
• Quality time with their kids