Thinking on the Move

It’s been difficult to start my workout since I’m still moving. To be honest I haven’t started. Nonetheless, I have devised a way to try to work out while I’m moving. For instance:

I now have FIVE flights of stairs to go up and down on now.
When I have to carry a box up the stairs, I kind of hold my stomach in, making it tight, it gives a burning sensation. I also wear a sash around my waist so I don’t hurt my back. I’m not sure if this is doing anything but it burns slightly so it must be doing something. Also, when I go up the stairs but I’m not carrying anything, I go up one stair, go back, go up three stairs go back, and so on. Sort of like suicides. Until I get all settled this is the only thing I can come up with as a way to get fit while moving into my new house.
After moving a lot of boxes and unpacking, I drink lots of water and much on a granola bar. Or I’ll drink my crave blocker type of shake, I personally use Herbalife and/or Attain. They both taste great and are filling.