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Like its relative Halloween, Easter celebrations usually boast a large supply of goodies–ranging from peeps to chocolate eggs to chocolate bunnies almost as big as the children who eat them. However, O2 MAX set out to find five healthier alternatives to these tempting treats. A HUGE chocolate and dessert fan I have been fortunate enough to try most of these and can’t wait to Read more


As technology continues to develop, methods for weight loss and maintenance are constantly improved.  Heart rate monitors, such as the FitBit and Jawbone, home workout packages, such as P90X, and more efficient calorie burning machines are just some examples of this.  Unfortunately, most of these experiences don’t leave much left in our wallet to enjoy.  Here are some ideas to Read more


5 Reasons to Not to Work out During Spring Break When exercising regularly turns into an obsession—and you cannot fathom taking a break from your routine—that is a sign you may need to give your body a rest. A regular workout regimen is healthy, but when your body is constantly weight training and clocking in cardiovascular exercise, it is important Read more

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College freshmen start their new journey for another chapter of their life. However, this is also the time that Freshman 15 is joining most of them as they embrace college. Gaining of at least 15 pounds is not part of the requirements to enter college, so get up and give yourself at least 15 minutes of workout you can do Read more

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Check out USC college students’ Tracey Bakun and Natasha Grey’s favorite leg workout–what they call the sorority squat. Begin with your feet a shoulder-width apart and put a small or  medium sized rubber ball between your legs. Make sure the ball is situated right above your knees. Squeeze your inner thighs together and lower into a squatting position. Hold for approximately five counts and then Read more

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Rachel Miller is a student at University of California, Santa Barbara. She is passionate about her family, friends, school, philanthropy and writing. She stays consistently busy with activities including Best Buddies, Her Campus Magazine, working out, hiking and traveling. Rachel came to O2 MAX because she wants to get in shape for her graduation in approximately 10 weeks.  Rachel hopes Read more