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When it comes to high school and college there are a lot of discernible differences for students. Many of these differences relate to fitness routines and eating habits. Here at O2 MAX Fitness we break down five ways the lives of students have changed after graduating high school and entering college–and how they can still stay fit despite this transition. Read more

chickpea and avacado

With finals season quickly approaching, busy college students are in need of a lunchtime recipe that is easy to make in minimal time. This recipe, courtesy of two peas & their pod is simple, delicious and healthy–and a great alternative to the PB&J when you are short on preparation time. The recipe also makes 3-4 sandwiches, so you can make Read more


A question that we receive frequently here at O2 MAX is: how can I get a bigger butt? For today’s Monday move we bring you an exercise that can effectively answer this question ( and have you looking like Beyonce in no time) while also burning off the chocolate bunnies you may have indulged in yesterday. If you are looking Read more


Like its relative Halloween, Easter celebrations usually boast a large supply of goodies–ranging from peeps to chocolate eggs to chocolate bunnies almost as big as the children who eat them. However, O2 MAX set out to find five healthier alternatives to these tempting treats. A HUGE chocolate and dessert fan I have been fortunate enough to try most of these and can’t wait to Read more


As technology continues to develop, methods for weight loss and maintenance are constantly improved.  Heart rate monitors, such as the FitBit and Jawbone, home workout packages, such as P90X, and more efficient calorie burning machines are just some examples of this.  Unfortunately, most of these experiences don’t leave much left in our wallet to enjoy.  Here are some ideas to Read more


5 Reasons to Not to Work out During Spring Break When exercising regularly turns into an obsession—and you cannot fathom taking a break from your routine—that is a sign you may need to give your body a rest. A regular workout regimen is healthy, but when your body is constantly weight training and clocking in cardiovascular exercise, it is important Read more